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I am someone that can be placed in any field. I LIKE REBLOGGING :3 (fashion, landscapes, street fashion, 'moments', cuddling, couple, and eerr anything I like)

I perform to express , I read to widen my horizons , I take photographs to capture a precious moment, I dream because I know it will happen . Someday i will fly high :)

I do hope you could look at 'My shots' too!

P.s I reblog a lot of steamy scenes, beware!

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Summer so far

It’s been lovely there’s just things that I wish I’m not doing but I am.

©ellenkhay This shot reminds me so much of New Moon. In la Push with Jacob haha :D
 I just have to go for it !
©ellenkhay Hmm hmm This was taken on our Roadtrip day two :) We were about to go home and I just took this test shot that I so loved and then I asked for my cousin to pose for me. Inspired from Kylie Jenner’s IG! And of course, yours truly is just fcking in love with sunsets :D

Coachella feels, despite this place not coachella :D
We’ve been quite active since summer vacation started! Roadtrip for Four consecutive days. 
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