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I am someone that can be placed in any field. I LIKE REBLOGGING :3 (fashion, landscapes, street fashion, 'moments', cuddling, couple, and eerr anything I like)

I perform to express , I read to widen my horizons , I take photographs to capture a precious moment, I dream because I know it will happen . Someday i will fly high :)

I do hope you could look at 'My shots' too!

P.s I reblog a lot of steamy scenes, beware!

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Kapit ka lang.
Alam kong masakit, alam kong mahirap, pero saan mo ba maappreciate ang tamis kundi sa pait?


It’s always about her, always have to be the listener. When will you listen to me with great interest and joy? 

Because he doesn’t want me to upload these on facebook :((( I so love them pa naman :)))

Weak but not broken.

My love for black and white is never ending. 

When you can’t decide which angle looks better. What do you think? 

Portraits 2014

That hair color and pweeeeetty flower ^_^
Quite artsy. I tried

The hugot

First day of school, that feeling where it’s so foreign. Wanting to be with the people that brings out the best in me. Lonesome everywhere. Oh gosh, hopefully I could adjust easily. 


Faculty of Arts and Letters !

Freshmen Week  Baby tigress and tigers from the Faculty of Arts and Letters campus tour, Welcome Freshies !

Com arts, was a lot like Com Arts with their ‘amazing race’ themed tour that I think, was very creative.But because flour was part of the task for freshies to complete, and we happened to be sitting/practicing in one of those benches in Quadri fav, aba matinde ang hanging may halong harina. ‪#‎MalagkitNaCampusTour‬ HAHAHA

Realtalk: Ang saya saya ng Com arts people :) 

Asian Studies

July 7, 2014 Freshmen week 

Today, I went back to school, such great feeling ! 

I learned a lot when it comes to photography, and I swear, canon are easy to handle hahaha I did liked it and thanks to Joanne for everything ! We did a mini photoshoots, anywhere we thought looked fine.  

I’m exactly to see the photos again :) Best part of the day was Furasia, inampon nila ko hoho self proclaim support staff ^_^ I even got the chance to meet Angela, such a sweet girl from my soon to be new section. 

This is quite a start and I’m lovin’ it. 

Here in the Philippines we have this “Sayawan” where people from different gather to a place that have ‘Fiesta’ or feast. Then the ‘Pasayaw’ are held. Now, on the photo above, the girl was with us when we went to Bicol, the guy was our cousin from father side. 

'Sweet' how they call this part of 'Sayawan' It was really lovely when that cousin of mine called her, mind you she wasn't inside, to dance with him. It was a very common thing to dance but you know, sealing that moment and having the hance to see 'love' oozing out of it is just wonderful. Too bad the second photo was blurred.

One of my favorite photo from our Bicol Getaway !